Sub-sea Thermal Insulation Services

Sub-sea Thermal Insulation Services

Insulation of sub-sea trees, manifolds and piping is a relatively new field. Today, since offshore production is secured from deeper and colder waters, the economic incentive for insulation of this sub-sea equipment is much greater than in years past. AIMS International, Inc. was the installation company that applied syntactic insulation on the first sub-sea insulation project. The Troika project sub-sea insulation was installed by AIMS in 1997 and 1998. Since that time, AIMS has installed syntactic insulation on numerous sub-sea projects for all of the major deep water producers. Some of the prior projects include:

  • Troika
  • Garden Banks 216
  • Marshall Madison
  • Conger

The early insulation’s were syntactic in nature and generally inflexible. The most current trend is the application of more flexible insulation’s on manifolds, trees and sub-sea piping. AIMS has the capability of installing insulation from virtually any manufacturer; however, AIMS prefers installing “Carboline TM” insulation products due to the efficiencies of molding and curing these flexible products.

AIMS is capable of designing and building molds for many configurations and can efficiently deploy to the fabrication yards along the Gulf Coast to satisfy virtually any sub-sea insulation need.

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